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How we got started


In 1999 two Cincinnati sisters, Kim and Shelly Decker, discovered a passion for making soap. It began when Kim started looking for remedies to cure her dry hands, and her quest led to countless time spent researching ingredients, experimenting with soap combinations, and discovering the perfect blends for natural, handmade soap.


While Shelly thought she was crazy for being SO into soap making, she eventually tried her hand at it and became hooked as well.


As a means of bonding and also as a stress reliever, the two sisters made soap and sold it at local festivals for many years before deciding to take on sales at a larger level. In 2009, the sisters moved into their first production facility as they began selling to local grocery stores and gift shops. In 2013, expansion again allowed them to produce thousands of bars of soap and bottles of lotion per month.


In early 2019, they opened a new retail store, Market 640, inviting exclusive vendors to join them on their journey. They plan on opening their doors for factory tours in late 2020.


Kim and Shelly continue to spend countless hours researching and experimenting with ingredients that are beneficial for the skin. Their passion for high quality ingredients and their sisterly bond keep them on the path of creating naturally healing bath and body products.

Why Market 640?


Along our journey, we have resided in many different commercial facilities.  Originally our journey began in the dining room of one of our homes and quickly grew, which led us to our first commercial space in 2007.  It was a strip mall in West Chester on US Route 42, next door to a pizza shop.  We used the facility to make the soap and landed our first wholesale clients while in that facility. 

We never opened our doors to the general public on Route 42, mostly for lack of time and resources, but we continually pushed out wholesale orders, shipping to other Ohio boutiques and grocery stores.  One day in 2008, on a drive through the quant town of Lebanon, a cute little tiki shop with a "for lease" sign caught our eye.  The owner was ready to move on and we leased the shop at 7 N. Broadway, now known as Hallmarked Jewelry.  

The back of the retail space worked well to make products and the front served as retail storefront.  It couldn't have been more than 600 square feet, but we loved it and opened our doors in the fall under the store name "Soap Box Soap Company" (this name would later change).

Space quickly became a premium and we needed more of it.  In the spring of 2009 a building on the opposite side of the street at 10 S. Broadway came available and was more that double the size.  Currently occupied by Black House, right next door to Whit's, this became our new space.  We moved by literally pushing carts down the street and across Broadway.  On one of the trips across the street, we spilled a cart full of soap molds in the center of the intersection of Broadway and Mulberry St!  The new space allowed for a soap making classroom, which was very popular.  We also opened a store in Hyde Park in 2009. 

As much as we loved the space on the main drag of Lebanon, our wholesale business had taken off and we were selling to Whole Foods Markets and hundreds of boutique stores.  We needed more space, better eletric and water service so we moved to route 63 next to Kelly's Meats and Deli.  At this time we changed our name to match our wholesale brand as it is today - Cashmere Bath Company.  We were only there for a little over a year until once again we needed more space.

From route 63, we moved into a 5000 sq. ft. factory space off 48 next ot the huge Cyrus One tower in the manufacturing district.  While the facility was perfect and properly sized, we really, really missed having our retail space.  

When our lease closed on this location in late 2018, we prayed and soul searched and knew that we didn't want to move any more.  We wanted to lay down roots in our community, in a place that was sized to our needs, that would also allow us to open up our retail store again.  The very next day after our brainstorming and prayer session, Creech's Lawn and Landscape came up for lease -- and the rest is history! The facility allowed for retail and production space.

We opened the front of the Market with Cashmere's full line of products along with fellow local vendors in the spring of 2019.  A few months after later, we opened up the Barn Market and the DIY Lounge, which today is our Wine Bar.

Market 640 has hundreds of Cashmere Bath items, along with 40 vendors displaying a wide variety of gifts, decor, furniture, home goods, clothing, children's items and much more.  For a full look book of what the Market has to offer, check out the website www.Market640.com.

And that my friends, is how we came to where we are today.  Stay tuned because even we have no idea where this journey will go next!

Our History in Pictures
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